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  • What is Hosting and Do I Need It?

    Hosting is where you park your website. It’s like paying rent. Basically, there are two parts to a website. The website and the hosting. Once your new exciting website is finished, your hosting account will allow the entire world to see it. Hosting will also allow you set up your email accounts.

    The hosting account connects your website to the internet. (simple. right?)
    Just think of your cell phone. Your cell phone would be considered similar to the website. Now that you have your cell phone, you need to buy a service that will connect your cell phone to the rest of the world. Hosting is similar to your Metro PCS, T-Mobile or Verizon. It will connect your website to the world. Got it?

    Hosting of course is extra. We have many different packages to fit your website needs.
    Our  Primary Hosting recommendation is:
    $12.00 a Month ( 1 year in advance) ($140.00)
    You’ll get unlimited space and 100 email boxes. (POP3/SMTP) and free support. 24/7