• typical phone conversation

  • Caller: “Hi. Is Bob there?”
    Me: “Speaking.”

    Caller: “Hi. My name is Randy.  I have a small business and would like to find out about getting a web site for my business.”
    Me: “Great. What kind of business do you have?”

    Dr. : “I have a sign company”
    Me: “OK. Have you looked over my web site to see my work and my prices?”

    Dr. “Yes, I have. I like your work and your prices are very reasonable.”
    Me: “Great. I would like to send you a questionnaire to fill out and please email it  back to me. After I get your email, I can put something together for you to look at in person or on the internet. If you like it, great. I would need a deposit to begin work. If you don’t like it, I can change anything or you can just say no thanks. No problem.”

    Dr.: “Oh, Ok. That sounds reasonable. Here’s my email.”
    Me: “I’ll get started immediately and give you a call in about 2 days. Ok?”

    Dr.: “Ok Great. Thanks a lot. Bye.”
    Me: “Ok. You take care. I’ll call you soon. Bye.”

    And basically, that’s it……
    And here is the Randy’s web site