• Social Media

  • Social Media is the Future for any Business to Succeed.

    By 2016, we are expected to be north of 2 billion social media users.

    For this reason, we here at Discount Business Web Sites have joined with 3 of the top Social Media Market Players.  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into a Web Marketing Package.

    As a business, you must compete with your competitors on the Social Media Market Platform. This is the future of business marketing. Your business must start now and keep up with Social Media. This will PAY OFF in the near future. We Promise! 

    DBWS would strongly suggest that your business invest at least 2 hours a week divided into 2 separate days contributing to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    We have the tools that can not only make that happen, but will optimize your Social Media contributions to MAXIMIZE their effect.

    The cost for this marketing strategy is $99 a month.

    Three months paid in advance for $275.

    Every month for a year paid in advance would be $750.



    As you can imagine, all online business Marketing Strategies should be fluid and diverse.

    We also strongly recommend Constant Contact as your foundation to your Marketing Campaign Strategy.






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