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    For every dollar spent on email marketing, small businesses make an average of $40 back.* Stats like that make email marketing a must for small businesses.


    With over 15 years of experience, DBWS strongly recommends CONSTANT CONTACT as your FOUNDATION for your SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CAMPAIGN.



    Click Here for Constant Contact’s Pricing and information.

    • There is a small set up charge ($25) to get Constant Contact activated. We will need your business credit card to help activate the account and you would be responsible for charges after the two month free subscription. OK? (We’ll help you with that also)
    • After the set-up, each month’s work would be $99.00 (There are some great discounts available)
      Includes: Email list, Email promotions or announcements (weekly).
    • You will receive Two Months FREE of activation.